Who We Are

Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG) was established by a number of Sudanese Civil Society Leaders, Activists and Academics in 2010 in Khartoum. The establishment of SDFG was particularly spurred by the failure to democratic transformation in Sudan that become acutely apparent during the April 2010 national elections, as part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

With growing instability, caused by re-occurrence of conflict, lack of justice and accountability, and increasing exclusion and marginalization, SDFG emerged with the aim to provide a voice to the voiceless, as well as to promote democracy in its intersection, with peace, justice, and balanced development.

Our Vision

SDFG envisions a democratic inclusive society in Sudan where justice, equality, peace and development prevail.

Our Mission

Sudan Democracy First Group considers its main mission to promote inclusive democracy.  SDFG is further committed to the raising up of marginalized groups (whether marginalization is based on culture, ethnicity, class, gender, race, region, age, political affiliation or religion) by providing platforms for inclusive and transparent engagement and promoting opportunities for participation and expression in the public sphere.

Approaches and Methods

SDFG works on addressing the problem of lack of the inclusive democracy based on complementary and multi-disciplinary approach guided by values of peace, justice and development. SDFG focuses on the provision of profound and independent research and analysis; campaigning for justice and contribution lasting solution to the conflicts in Sudan. SDFG further works to promote civil society dialogue, collaboration and the developments of a joint democratic agenda.

Moreover SDFG is committed to solidarity and the supporting and creation of protection mechanisms for democratic civic actors and activists. In addition SDFG aims at facilitating the participation and engagement of a democratic and independent civil society and its leadership in the different political processes and dialogues.

Areas of Interventions

SDFG introduced a number of initiatives and projects since its foundation which can be categorized into four areas of intervention;

  • Civil Society in Conflict and War Zones
  • Governance and Institutional Reform
  • Civic Engagement in Peace and Political Processes
  • Advocacy, Solidarity and Protection